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Nico Gravity - I Wan Finish Timaya (Season 1) (Throwback)
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Aug 15


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The “HATE” campaign intensifies!

I wonder why, all of a sudden, everyone’s having a dig at Timaya. This song was actually put out a few weeks ago, and Sirrockyfela drew our attention to it. Is it the first time an artiste is bragging about himself?? I mean… for me, bragging is the most common thing in today’s pop culture, but for some reason, the Galala/Suo artistes are offended by Timaya’s “lyrics” (or so they say).

Over the last year or two, Timaya has stolen every show that would, otherwise, have gone to the likes of African China, Marvelous Benji, and the other Ajegunle acts. His success has basically signalled the decline in the demand for their brand, and now they’ve decided to respond with constant insults and threats.

Could it be because he’s NOT Yoruba or from Lagos, for that matter? I’m bothered… seriously!

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