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Kool P - Eze Nku Ft. Phyno
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Sep 24


Download Kool P - Eze Nku Ft. Phyno mp3 by Kool P

Kool P is still riding on the waves of his previous offering titled “Oma Mme” which featured Zoro. Now, he’s teamed up with another Eastern titan, Phyno, for the music video of his doped-out piece titled “Eze Nku.” This flick is all shades of sultry and sensual.

“Eze Nku” had already buzzed across the circuit when it dropped. However, this music video is only set to extend that rout and complete the smash; especially for those who are more inclined to naughty visuals.

As the duo of Kool P and Phyno delivered their renditions to stunning acclaim in the rain, they got the support of stunning damsels in recession-themed outfits to spice up the flick. The Afro Beat banger definitely looks like one that would take over the screens and the airwaves as directed by the legendary Clarence Peters.

In the end, Phyno dishes the kind of further authority and legitimacy Kool P needs to attain royal status on the massively competitive circuit with the this stunning effort. You also might want to get in their cupid groove and mood to connect with the special lady.

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