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Speed Darlington - Akamu (PAP)
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Jun 10


Download Speed Darlington - Akamu (PAP) mp3 by Speed Darlington

Speed Darlington akamu (pap): The 2023 Nigerian presidential Aspirant and US-based Nigerian musician Speed Darlington has just released his first single of the year titled Akamu (PAP).

Barely 3 weeks after his collaboration with Vic O on Bella comes Akamu, he has since dropped the meaning of Akamu and why he released the single via his instagram post.

1st release of 2019. This song #Akamu is inspired by me wanting to be the next president of Nigeria come 2023. The word "Akamu" is the Igbo word for pap; pap is an edible made from corn. It's also acronym for "People's Action Party" our party. Therefore if you vote for PAP you are also voting for Surplus of food. And that's the metaphor behind the title Akamu. Link in my bio #download the full song not on iTunes for now. To all my #cameroonian people support me download My Song so I don't end up a sell out like Paul Biya. #Nigeria you already know I'm loaded with pride I don't want to beg anybody for presidential form fee you are my main hope I like to buy my own thing with my own money support me download it hundred million times ?. To all my #BlackAmericanas support me if I win I will give all of you without criminal records citizenship of #Nigeria that way if US government is looking for you you can easily run off to naija and I we end all extradite treaty with the US government this can only happen if I become president support me ?

Download, share and enjoy the Paul Cleverlee produced track.

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