Can A Prostitute Make A Good Wife And Agbero Make A Good Husband? (Watch Nigerians React) - one year ago
Popular opinion has it that thugs (Agbero) do not have hope while prostitutes may hopefully have a change of life. This is not to be perceived from the gender aspect of it but from the perspective of mere choice. If a lady also chooses the thuggery side of life, she will equally be condemned to the fate of no revival as we had it on the streets of Lagos. From what we gathered, a large ratio of people would rather marry a repentant prostitute instead of settling with a thug. Another interesting fact we learnt on the street is that prostitutes are better wife materials than the prim and proper girls we have off the streets. All these opinions left us in a cluster of thoughts, we will lay the cards bare for you to decide what to think about this. Watch Below:-
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